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This is what happens when you trust people you shouldn't... Well there's another 30$ to replace my dog waterer... I loathe those white trash pieces of monkey shit! :/

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What do you love about the wintertime?
Honestly just about everything! I long for snow and adore the colder weather (I am in Mississippi so it's a very mild winter, but welcomed all the same and have had record snowfalls for the past four years [here's hoping for a 5th]).


It has been a while since I have posted anything vape-related, so I think it's about time I play catch up. Not only have I devoted myself to one e-liquid vendor, but I have also chosen one favorite e-cig.

http://www.pinkspotvapors.com ~ They are by far the best juice I have tried! The vapor Product is fantastic, throat hit is stellar, flavor is unbeatable! As a matter fact I am currently vaping their Candy Cane 36mg e-juice! It's delicious... My typical daily vapes consist of: Candy Cane, Banana Creme, Wild Blueberry... I have a variety of their other flavors that I vape a great deal, but not daily. G-Spot, Grape Expectations, Lemon Drop, Chunky Monkey, Wild Strawberry, etc. Also their newest flavor: Alberberry Blend is wonderful!

Sincerely I can not recommend them highly enough! I have literally abandoned all other e-liquid vendors and only buy from them. Once you find the juice that works for you, you stick with it. And when it comes to Pink Spot I am truly a loyal customer. It's because they are the best I have ever tried. The flavor is there! The nicotine level I want is there. The customer service is the best and most personal I have experienced.

http://www.smokelessimage.com Now on to my e-cig. I currently use the Volt. I have it in multiple colors and am absolutely in love with it! I have literally put down my big battery mods and use only the Volt for my vaping needs. Nothing seems as satisfying as the Volt. They're dependable, cute and best of all discreet. Which as we have ALL found out big batt mods are anything but descreet!  I like them... I have nothing against them, but I found myself (dare I say it) yerning for a cigarette while using the big batt mods... but not since I received my Volt! They fill all my yerning tempermental needs! just like Pink Spot I can not recommend them highly enough! They are perfect for someone just starting out or a seasoned vaper like myself. The Cartos hold around a ML of juice and seem to last with very little need to "refresh" through the day (depending on how heavy you vape will depend on how much refreshing/refilling your cart will need). I am a heavy vaper, and with that I may refill this cart maybe 3 times (if i stick with one flavor [and I usually don't. I, flavor flip-flop lol]) during the course of a day.

Now, the only thing I don't like about the Cartos for the volt is I have a small tendancy to hold it in my teeth... and what makes the cart black isn't paint, it's a sticker... And after a couple of days the clear overlay starts to seperate and makes it look kind of gross. But with all that being said they are disposable. And a 5 pack of replacement carts is 8.95 so, honestly I can't really complain there. Basically I deal with the ugly bits until the cart is absolutely past saving lol. There's also a few videos on youtube to help prolong the life of the volt carts and if you would prefer that then check them out!

And I am currently vaping on a Purple Volt with a Gem tip over the LED and  a gnarley gnawed looking cart lol. I'm okay with that :)

Ask anything you would like :) questions are welcome.
Hope this helps :)

ooOOoo The Goodies

Yes the goodies... I have pre-ordered the Kindle Fire (I am very excited and have 21 days until it's in my hands [yes I got the next day shipping]). I can't wait! I have the Kindle "Keyboard" and absolutely adore it, but when my Fire comes in I have given it to my Hubby who is already indulging in it (and loves it). As a matter of fact the first thing he said {loudly} when I pre-Ordered the Fire was "YOUR OLD KINDLE IS MINE!" lol He's so cute I can hardly stand it some days :) <3

**Now here is my Tech mistake: a few months ago I ordered the HTC Status. And it's a good phone. Don't get me wrong... but it's not a good match to me. It doesn't hardly have enough on-board memory to support very basic "smart phone" tasks. Every day to every other day I get this extremely aggravating pop up that says my memory is low and requests that I either clear my cache or remove apps. Well, therein lies a severe issue... I have 3 apps... Facebook, myAT&T and twitter... that's it! It's all I can have and even with those I still get the stupid pop up! The phone is retarded! It's officially an impulse buy that I am regretting! 

Now with that being said; Middle of next month I am getting the new iPhone 4S 32gb in white... A phone that will indeed do everything I'm wanting with enough space to accommodate. My husband is also upgrading... He's planning on trying the Sony Xperia Play. Both very exciting :) See as I said ooOOoo the Goodies ;)

I also found my dream car... **Don't Laugh** It's the Fiat 500 It's officially the cutest car EVER! and it WILL be mine! Oh Yes It WILL Be Mine! 

Okie Dokie, Update for my techie goodness and vehicular choice done :) 

xoxo <3 ~*W*~ 

Vaping Updates:

Well, Let's see... Where to begin...

MAP Tank Mod: www.cloudsofvapor.com ~ Okay this is truly an ingenious device! Basically it's CE2 innards with a big outer tank. It holds up to 5ml of juice, but honestly I wouldn't recommend using the full 5ml it has a tendency to drown (not flood drown) the atty and makes it rather annoying to vape when it's full. I honestly have nothing but good things to say about the MAP tank and even Bruce the owner. The only negative I can even think of is the sheer lack of availability. You have to request to be notified about it via the site... And once you get that much anticipated email be prepared to buy it right then otherwise you will miss your opportunity. They literally sell like hotcakes, and honestly with good reason. They are what they are, a massive juice holder/feeder. I love mine! I could see how it's the perfect all day vape utensil... or the perfect road trip vape! I must admit this however... I bought 2 MAP tanks one for me and one for my hubby. My Husband's broke. The coil burnt in two and in the process took out/burnt through a wire... Not sure how he accomplished this, but he did. He contacted COV and Bruce is happy to replace the innards... which is a relief! 

The MAP tank will run you 30$ yes it's pricey, but honestly I think it's worth the cash. I have used it NON stop since it arrived. It is the end all/be all for me. 

Backwoods Brew Juices: www.backwoodsbrew.net ~ 
Okay I have made two orders with them thus far and I have to say they have yet to disappoint! As everyone says juice is subjective, but I can give you my personal opinion :)

I'll start with my most recent order:
Melonbacco: 15ml 24mg : This is just about the most delicious juice I have tried. Even my husband, who doesn't like the taste of melon, likes this juice. It's Melony Tobacco Goodness! It's a personal favorite and one that will always be on hand for me now. It has a decent throat hit, wonderfully vibrant flavor. I couldn't ask for more in a juice! I love it!

Cherry Tobacco: 15ml 24mg: I bought this primarily for my husband, because it tastes to me just like cherry pipe tobacco. My husband said it's as though you made liquid out of high quality cherry pipe tobacco. I have to recommend this to anyone who would enjoy such a vape. 

Vanilla Bean: 10ml 24mg: It tastes like vanilla beans, It's sweet. Primarily my husband's. He uses it to add sweetness to other juices or to tone down a flavor. He uses this with the cherry tobacco. It's something he always wants to have on hand. by itself it's a definite vanilla bean flavor nice and sweet. Not his all day everyday vape, but still good by itself.
Maple Tobacco: 10ml 24mg: Seriously! It's like Tobacco Rolled in Maple Syrup! so yummy! it's not an allday vape for me, but it's a definite every now and then vape. in the morning with a good rich cup of joe, perfect combo!
Applewood Tobacco: 30ml 24mg: This and Melonbacco are my back and forth constants! I absolutely adore them! (Is indeed vaping Applewood right now) This is the first juice that the hubby and I BOTH like. I haven't tried an Applewood Tobacco from anyone else, and honestly i don't want to. This is so wonderful! Another one of those that I will always have on hand! 
The Bombshell: www.hotvapes.com : Once again I bought two of these a Hellfire Fushcia for me and True Black for the hubby. It is a basic tube mod. sleek simple and the price is nice as well. The stand alone is only 59$. I absolutely love this mod! It's my first mod. You know what they say you always remember your first! I have been using it at 6v. I have to be honestly I am not all that pleased with 6v. The vapor is HOT and I mean HOT to the point it feels as though it's burning my tongue from time to time. Also scorching my liquid. I am using 2 CR123s with it... I am planning on buying a couple of 18650s and using it at 3.7v. Maybe I'm just not a 6v kinda girl. And that's okay... It doesn't tarnish how I feel about my bombshell... afterall 6v was completely by my own choice. 
Pink Spot juices: www.pinkspotvapors.com ~ Okay from them I have tried the Blu Spot and Pink Spot both at 36mg ~ What I do is combine them to make my very own purple spot lol. They are wonderfully flavorful and tangy. They are absurdly hard to describe, but wonderful at the same time. They are some of my favorites! 
I am also planning on trying a 5v device soon. Maybe the TEKK mod or the big Kazoo The Big Kazoo is a better price, but the TEKK mod charges your phone lol it's a toss up for me. As soon as I do try them I'll let y'all know. 
as always ~ Vape Your Face Off!
xoxo ~*W*~

I Suck!

 Okay it's official I'm a horrible Blogger... But if it helps I have a damn good reason for not Blogging... 

My Great Grand Mother (96 years old) Had a stroke January 16th and I was called in to help take care of her... which turned into I solely had to take care of her... (Just for everyone's 411: I am not in any way a health care professional. I am NOT OT, PT, ST, RN, LPN or CNA. what I'm trying to say is I am in NO way trained to take care of ANYONE!) She actually had a very small stroke on the 15th that left her a little weak and unbalanced on the 16th she had the big stroke... I was only prepared and honestly only said yes because it was only suppose to be very mild weakness... I wasn't informed until I got to Vicksburg on the 17th that she had, had ANOTHER stroke. So, since January 17th... I've been Vicksburg taking care of my GGM. Well with my very inadequate help we have managed to rehabilitate her to the point she can be left on her own for short periods. She lives with my Uncle, so... she's never alone for any substantial amount of time... so I was finally able to come home... a home I got to spend one full week in before I was called to help. Needless to say I'm REALLY happy to be home. 

Anyway... on to the actual point of this post... New Electronic Cigarette Reviews, Devices, Soon to be heres... etc...

I guess I should start with the worst: 

The Totally Wicked ~ Tornado-Tank: It's HORRIBLE! I was so disappointed! ... I am going to copy and paste my mini review from FB:

Okay, I'm doing this in a "note" because I'm pretty sure it will take more letters than the "status" will allow...
Well I have been vaping with my Tornado-Tank (aka Ego-T) for about 2 weeks now... and all I can say is: Diappointed!
The vapor you get is as you would expect from the Tornado, but the flavor ... Yeah, there is no flavor... Happily I have some Pink Spot juice from www.pinkspot.com that is strong enough that I can still taste what I am vaping. I was so excited about my Tornado-T, but was utterly let down by the way it waters down all of my favorite juices...
I mean come on! I spend the extra Money and get the quality e-Liquid only to put it in a PV that dilutes it down to the point I can't even taste it. As I said before: DISAPPOINTED! :(
However, with that being said... the Pink Spot juice is so YUMMY!!!! I will be trying the blue spot ASAP :)
**Pink Spot, Grimm Green and The Vape Babe: Thank you for not making my Tornado-T a complete waste of money and time :) without y'all I probably would have chunked it
xoxo <3<3

And I also have a follow up:
Okay, faulty atomizer=replacement... Right?!? Wrong!

Faulty Atomizer=10 gabillion Forms and Possible replacement... SUCK!

Under Warrenty... Why yes it is... ( we have only had it for two weeks )

Bad Customer Service=No more Business from me.

Ridiculous Red Tape over an Atomizer=Pissy Wendy!

Okay, Caveman talk complete. My rant was simple, direct an...

Yeah, so basically what that says is... I'm pretty done with TW. 

However, The BEST juice I have ever had: www.pinkspotvapors.com OH MY DAMN! If you go, go to their "Signature Flavors" and try the Pink Spot and Blu Spot They are lick your lips good! I absolutely adore them... 

www.gotvapes.com : Okay this is the place I have found the most badass item yet!!! They're called Fluxomizers/Clearomizers! They come in a pack of 5 in "Regular" and "XL" I got a 2 packs of the XL and they ROCK! 

I know this is sad, but I also got some drip tips from gotvapes. Why is that sad you ask? Easy I haven't EVER had a drip tip and I've been vaping for about 16 months... I am a horrible "over-dripper" so I figured with a drip tip I would constantly flood my atty and it would be a CONSTANT mess... I was wrong... It's a good wrong though. They're very comfortable. I have the acrylic ones, but I also plan to try the aluminium and derlins soon. (I'll let y'all know how those work for me). But the crazy Flux tips they have... honestly I kind of dig 'em. they're soft and rubbery. They take some getting use to, but I find them very comfy. 

Okay this entry is going to be brief because I have extra things coming in the mail: MAP tanks from www.cloudsofvapor.com ; Juice from www.backwoodsbrew.net ; juice from www.gotvapes.com So after all these trickle in I'll go more in depth on each product (I'm also about to get a chuck and an omega so lots more to come *smile*)


Dec. 15th, 2010

 I just wanted to let any one who is looking at my journal... due to non-relevant comments I have made it to where only friends can post comments to my journal... However, if you feel froggy and want to add me as a friend... I'll add you as well and then you can post all the comments you want :)

xoxo ~*W*~

Our Year Mark...

 Well, the hubby and I are coming up on our One Year Anniversary for Vaping. We did fall off the wagon... for a very short bit... but when we got back on we completely devoted ourselves to it. And this is how I firmly know that we are done with Analog Cigarettes for good:

Christmas Trips are a thing we all have to do. As smokers you always made sure you had cigarettes and working lighters (possibly back ups as well). As vapers you make sure you have charged batteries, full carts, extra liquid (the needs list goes up a bit). It's just good planning. Well on one of our christmas trips we messed up and forgot to pack extra juice and even forgot to charge our batteries before we left my mom's. Naturally after 15 minutes on the road (of course) first my hubby's battery died, then mine and both of us realized we'd never put a battery on the charger... not even to mention my husband ran completely out of his Snickerdoodle Cookie E-Juice... So there we were vapeless nearly 2 hours to go on our trip... what else could we do?!? we stopped and bough a pack of Camel Wide Lights (Camel Wides our Cigarettes of choice [once upon a time]) We fired one each up... and from that first breath it... it's was gross! I couldn't believe how bad they tasted... Also to go along with nasty tastes in our mouths we had to endure almost immediate Headaches and nausea. We had never hated cigarettes so much in our lives. That pack of cigarettes lasted nearly 5 days... we only continued to smoke them because they're so damn expensive it was almost as repugnant to waste them as it was to actually smoke them.  I think for us that was the FINAL straw for us and cigarettes. 

After that... it showed us that it's more than just a mindset, it's physical discomfort to smoke. It proved once and for all that smoking is a horrible thing to do to your body. It's truly a disgusting habit. I couldn't believe after two cigarettes in two hours how strung out and sickly I felt. 

I love to vape I get the nicotine that I crave without all the harmful CRAP that cigarettes give you. That pack of cigarettes showed us both that vaping is the path for us. Cigarettes are no longer a part of our lives or our bodies for that matter. 

Happy Vaping and a very Healthy New year! *Cheers*


Doctor Vapor


If you have an account on YouTube and you do indeed vape... you should subscribe to this guy :) Enjoy!